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What presidents are on money and coins

what presidents are on money and coins

United States Presidents on Coins · Abraham Lincoln: 16th president (​) - appears on the penny or 1 cent coin. · Thomas Jefferson: 3rd president (​. Penny – Abraham Lincoln – In , Teddy Roosevelt commissioned the coin to celebrate the th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. Nickel – Thomas Jefferson – In​. › Coins. what presidents are on money and coins He was also the father of Kate Chase Spraguea well-known socialite during Lincoln's presidency who later became embroiled in scandal. The Treasury Department chose artist Felix Schlag to design the coin. Chase was actually the first person responsible for the design of the nation's paper currency. They have a very comprehensive selection to choose from and give great discounts! Only history's top leaders get their portraits on currency. Eisenhower: 34th president - appears on the one jd coin cryptocurrency what presidents are on money and coins which made its debut in Today, federal law prohibits any living man or woman from appearing on United States coins.

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