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3 thoughts on “Eth value

  1. chandra shekhar says:

    The claim he did it for the money, but that oymoronic. As one of the largest holders of Bitcoin, why the fuck would he support something that would destroy his wealth. Also, any open minded person can see that Roger is motives more by morals than money.

  2. Harwinder Singh says:

    В @ај„ The Lucky б‘•AT ај„В  You are one of the few who understand what is going on. The force that was behind the Romans was the same behind the British and it's the same force behind Kill Gates, Musk, Bezos, Page, Zuckerberg, all the other technocrats and the WEF that said that we will own nothing and be happy. These people are driven by evil forces. However they have no power if we don't concent and conform.

  3. Ashish Singh says:

    No, I just never gotten around to listening to Prince. There's many artist where I listen to their whole discography. Plus it was difficult finding his stuff since he really didn't like putting his music on the internet.


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