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Encrypted currency exchange

encrypted currency exchange

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Launch a cryptocurrency exchange with ZERO coding! encrypted currency exchange


5 thoughts on “Encrypted currency exchange

  1. akash bani says:

    Appreciate your comment buddy. Feel free to reach me via mail for tips and guidance

  2. YTC YTC says:

    I see your point (and TA is all about self fulfilling prophecies) , but I don't think enough people are going to bail on just the one and only indicator. The market structure doesn't look like the top, + the onchain and fundamentals are still bullish. In the uncertainty, and bias toward hopium, I'm guessing most will resist selling off substantially.

  3. Deepali Tiwari says:

     @Wiktor R  To Trochę mnie uspokoiłeś bo już myślałem, że wtopa. Bo np. nie miałem wcześniej nic wpłaconego na opłatę ETH/USDT od coinlist. Czasem taki komedie mogą być.

  4. Deja Vigil says:

    В @Alain GutierrezВ white papers show it.


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